Artist Statement


I am
Fascinated by Color Texture Form
Brimming with Curiosity
Cherish Spontaneity
Inspired by Beauty
Motivated to Express Joy

MISSION…..My style runs the gamut from disciplined geometric form to free spirited spontaneous gesture. I enjoy finding balance between the two extremes, eagerly experiment with any and all resources, and frequently indulge in lavish application of color.

Many of my pieces are modular in form; meaning they can be combined and arranged in a variety of ways. They are an invitation to play. 

BIO…..I took the road less traveled to get here. Studied art at Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin, swapped that out for a 20 year career in the film industry and while I was at it showed at a few galleries; Lubbock or Leave It, Laughing at the Sun, Depot Street, Reggie’s, Hog-Eye Art Festival. Created studios/galleries/gardens in Elgin, TX.

Then I moved to Dallas…. tended to family matters….created another studio/gallery/garden space….showed at the Madi Museum.

Since my return to Austin, I’ve shown on South 1st Street during SXSW and at AVAA’s Austin Artspace .

Thank you for visiting my website.  Questions and comments are welcome.

Candi Duke               

self portrait


3 thoughts on “Artist Statement”

    1. a belated Thank you for your kind words, Sir Douglas! The honor is all mine. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season. May it be filled with Joy.


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