Hello, It’s me again….

Wheww doggie, what a wild ride it has been!  I landed at Casa Del Norte a year ago at about the same time I started a new job Deep in the Heart of Boomtown, on 6th St. This is the first time I’ve come up for air since.

Livin’ small these days…..back in the same place I lived 20 years ago.  My 380 square foot Studio/Gallery/Living Quarters is an Urban version of a Tinyhouse and I’ve got everything I need.  Home sweet home.

Good Vibes! Thanksgiving 2014

Hi everyone! Here’s wishing you a groovy holiday season.

Here at Amherst, We’re enjoying our glorious weather, good eats, and plenty of laughs.

CANDI’S KITCHEN has been open all weekend.

Turkey Day and Friday, Drop-Ins were welcome to a sit-down dinner complete with tablecloth and napkins! We also provided takeout and delivery and pet-sitting service:)

But wait-it doesn’t end there.

We cooked all day yesterday too!. Uncle Reed taught me his secret recipe for Leftover Dinner “roll-ups” and I made a pot of Cream of Turkey Soup in my Grandmother’s cooking pot.

We’ll be sharing Peace & Prosperity soup and sandwiches today and tomorrow.

St. Francis dropped by and saved the day. My battery was out on the camera, (duh), so he shot the photos!

So–from our house to yours-here’s wishing you laughter, friendship, good health and happiness!

love, candi