108 Heart Blessings for Africa


I can only imagine the desperation people feel, living in Africa with the Ebola crisis. My heart aches for all who suffer such fear and deprivation.

Living in Dallas, TX — awareness of that suffering has been laid at our doorstep. Now we know what happens to one happens to all of us. We are interconnected. We cannot run or hide from that fact. We cannot “pass the buck”.

I’d like to help, so here is what I will do. Send me a copy of the receipt for your $100 or more donation to humanitarian aid in Africa and I will paint and gift to you a 12″x12″ “Heart Blessing” painting. The design is featured in the above photograph and inspired by the Heart Chakra. I’ve pledged to donate 108 Heart Blessings.

Lets open our hearts and work together in harmony towards a common good.

If you would like to help, this CNN article lists several non-profits that provide humanitarian aide for the Ebola Crisis in Africa:


Thank you so much for engaging in “108 Heart Blessings for Africa”.

Candi Duke